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Dynomax Race Magnum Muffler DYN17221

Dynomax Race Magnum Muffler DYN17221

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Muffler - Ultra Flo Welded - 3 in Offset Inlet - 3 in Center Outlet - 14 x 9-3/4 x 4-1/2 in Oval Body - 19 in Long - Stainless - Natural - Each. **NOTE: This part is designed and intended for installation in Ancient (Model Year 1974 or earlier), or Competition, or Racing Vehicles. Competition or Racing Vehicles may be operated exclusively in 1) events organized by recognized bodies with authorizing permits for participating drivers. 2) racing event qualification, and 3) practice associated with events. Installation and operation of this part in a non-Ancient street driven Vehicle, including driving Competition or Racing Vehicles to the racetrack, is likely to be considered illegal ÃÂÃÂTampering ÃÂÃÂ or a ÃÂÃÂDefeat Device ÃÂÃÂ subject to U.S. Federal and state penalties

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