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Full HD Dash Cam

Full HD Dash Cam

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Introducing the C450 Dash Camera – your reliable eyewitness on the road. Capturing crystal-clear footage in 1080P Full HD, this advanced device features a 3.0 LCD screen, a precision-engineered 6-glass lens, and an expansive 170-degree wide-angle view for comprehensive coverage. With WDR technology enhancing visual clarity, the G-Sensor detects sudden movements, instantly freezing images for accurate incident documentation. Equipped with motion detection capabilities, the C450 ensures vigilant monitoring even when your vehicle is parked. Elevate your driving safety and security with this cutting-edge dash camera.


1080P Full HD

3.0 LCD Screen

6 Glass Lens

170 Degrees Wide Angle


G-Sensor - Sensea sudden movements and freezes image.

Motion Detection


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