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Car DVR 4K DashCam

Car DVR 4K DashCam

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Brand Name: NoEnName_Null

Frames Per Second: 30

Origin: Mainland China

Chipset Manufacturer: Novatek

Assembly Mode: Hidden Type

APP Compatibility: IOS/Android

View angle: 150-170

Number Of Lenses: 2

Screen Ratio: NONE

Interface: Wi-Fi

Interface: Micro SD/TF

NightShot Function: YES

Power Source: Corded Electric

Video Code: H.265

Weight: 1KG

Original Package: YES

Loop-Cycle Recording Feature: YES

Audio Recorded: YES

Camera Resolution: 3840x2160

Warranty: 365 days

Special Features: G-sensor

Special Features: Motion Detection

Special Features: SD/MMC Card

Special Features: Anti Vibration

Special Features: Real Time Surveillance

Special Features: Wide Dynamic Range

Special Features: Wifi Function

Special Features: Parking Monitor

Built-in Screen: no

Battery Type: fuse box electricity taking

Video Format: AVI

Video Format: MOV

Video Format: MPEG-4

Video Format: TS

Video Format: MP4

Touch Screen: no

Item Type: Car DVR

GPS logger: NONE

Battery: None

Maximum Video Frame Rate: 30

Input/Output: 12V

Memory Card Required Reding Speed: Class 10

Working Temperature: -35-80

Imaging Sensor: Sony IMX335

Pixels: 800Mega

Rear Camera: YES

Max External Memory: 128G

Package Include:

1 x Manual

1 x Car DVR

1 x Power Cord

Dear Buyer,Please read me before you make order:

1:We have to provide buyers with the right products, because the same  car brand in different countries may have some difference. If you don't know which model is for you,so please contact our customer service or send some pictures about you car and year in the order.

                            Distinguish whether the original car has a rain detector①The original car does not have a rain sensor ②The original car has a rain sensor

2160P Dash Cam Specific Features:

1.Brand Name:JIUKAI

CPU: Novatek

Max External Memory: 128G

Battery Life: Connect to the Reading Light or Rain Sensor or Fuse Box

Video Format: Mp4

Interface: Wi-Fi; Micro SD/TF

2.Camera Resolution:

Front Cam 4K (2K optional)(1080P optional) 
Rear camera 1080P (optional 720P)

3.Special Features: Non-destructive installation ; WIFI Function ; Night Vision ; Auto Power; G-sensor; Microphone; Anti Surge Voltage Impact; Anti Vibration; Real Time Surveillance; Time synchronization; Cyclic Recording; Automatic White Balance; Wide Dynamic Range

4.APP: Please download " 6zhentan " or "RoadCam" APP from Apple Store or Google Play Store.

The Wifi name is : CarDV_XXX ; The password is : 12345678

Does not occupy the windshield, the original appearance of the car

Common models after installationSome models support rain power supply, reading lamp power supply, please consult customer service if you need it.

Connect to the mobile APP to view the recorded video in real time

WIFI hotspot quick connection, real-time viewing of recorded video, accident forensics, beautiful scenery sharing one-click completion6 sets of HD lenses are displayed in high definition6 sets of HD lenses are displayed in high definition

Object graphics processing technology for high contrast composites different exposure conditions into an image so that light and dark data can be seen at the same time. As a result, saturated and color are output when images are taken, even in low light for video imaging and still imaging.Object graphics processing technology for high contrast composites different exposure conditions into an image so that light and dark data can be seen at the same time. As a result, saturated and color are output when images are taken, even in low light for video imaging and still imaging.

Front and rear cameras, HD configuration

HD waterproof rear camera, clear shooting, front diagonal 150° rear view diagonal 125°

A large wide angle of 150° easily covers three lanes

Shoot more content, predict more risks, truly restore the shooting range, refuse to crop, very reliable and all-round inclusion of the picture, rest assured during the journeyWDR wide-area dynamic technology

High-dynamic images and real-time layout tone algorithm rendering improve image quality and effectively optimize bumps and vibrations during driving.Starlight night vision F1.8 large aperture

The lens adopts a large aperture of F1.7, which makes the incoming light more sufficient during recording, and achieves high-quality imaging results in low-light environments①Black:connect to dashcam   ②Yellow B+wire:connect constant wire   ③Red ACC wire:power   ④Black GND wire:Ground wire

Standard ACC Power Cable Reference Installation Guide

Standard Acc Power Cable Reference Installation Guide:

1. Before installation

First test: the red and yellow wire harnesses of the recorder are connected to the positive electrode of the battery, the black wire is connected to the negative electrode of the battery, the indicator light of the recorder lights up, and the test is completed!

2. Installation

The red wire is connected to ACC, the yellow wire is connected to constant electricity, the black ground is connected, You need an electric pen to measure ACC and constant electricity.

(1)Turn on the engine---The indicator light of the electric pen is on, Turn off the engine---The indicator light of the electric pen is off. it is ACC.

(2) Turn on the engine---The indicator light of the electric pen is on, Turn off the engine---The indicator light of the electric pen is on. it is constant electricity.

3. After installation

The memory card needs to be formatted before use, and it must be turned off before removing the card each time (the indicator is off when the indicator is off).


Problem 1:

Apple iphone connection failed?


1. First, turn off the Cellular Data of the phone settings, and then connect to WiFi.

2. If the phone is connected to the car's CarPlay, you need to turn off the Bluetooth, and then connect the camera WiFi.

3. Check whether the album and network permissions of the App have been opened. (*Album permission is only used to save videos and pictures recorded by the camera into the phone album).

Problem 2:Problem 2:Problem 2:Problem 2:

Android phone connection failure?

1. After connecting to the camera WiFi, your phone may prompt that you can't access the Internet, please click "Keep Wlan Connection".

2. Close Mobile Data first and then connect to WiFi.

App cannot save settings (default settings are restored after reboot)?


After setting the App, please press and hold the power button of the camera to turn off the camera, then press the power button briefly to turn on the camera.

Problem 4:

APP video file is empty, no video is loaded?


1. Please open the App settings to format the memory card and then record the video.

2. If the App album still has no video, please insert the memory card into a computer, check whether the memory card is damaged, or not compatible with the camera, if so you need to replace the memory card.

3. It is recommended to use Class10 specification SanDisk/KIOXIA/Samsung memory cards of 32GB or 64GB capacity. (Maximum size supported is 128GB)

Problem 5:

Why doesn't my computer play the videos? Or why is the playback video not smooth?


1. We recommend the use of PotPlayer and KMplayer players.

2. If the computer configuration is too low, it may cause the playback to not be smooth, especially for H.265 format and 4K resolution videos.

Problem 6:

Why can't you connect 2 phones at the same time?


WiFi only supports connecting one phone at the same time; if another phone needs to be connected, you must first disconnect the WiFi of the first phone.

Problem 7:

Why is the timestamp of the video wrong, or there is no recorded video during some time periods, or there is video when the phone is connected, but no video when the phone is not connected?


Please check if the timestamp error is caused by a complete power failure of the camera. After car repair, maintenance or battery replacement, you need to reconnect the camera's WiFi with your phone to synchronize the camera's time with your phone's time. Please regularly check that the camera is working properly.

Problem 8:

What should I do if I forget the WiFi name or password?


Press and hold the camera key for 20 seconds, or use a paperclip to press the reset button.

Problem 9:

Do I need to connect the camera WiFi and open the App every time I drive?


No need, the camera is automatically turned on and off. The camera will automatically turn on when the car is on and turn off when the car is off.

Problem 10:

What should I do if I can't find the WiFi?


1. First, remove the memory card and then search for WiFi, because memory card failure will cause the camera to have no WiFi.

2. Press and hold the camera button for 20 seconds, or use a paper clip to press the reset button. Restore factory settings.

3. Check whether the camera's light is always on. If there is no light, it means there is no power supply, then there will be no WiFi.

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